Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers in London with Ni SEO

If you own an interior design company in the UK’s capital city, in 2018, it’s not enough to just advertise offline, your business also needs to have an online presence to attract new clients. With that in mind, below are four top digital marketing tips for interior designers from Ni SEO Company London

1. Make sure your website is well-designed and mobile-optimized. Your website is the first chance you get to impress potential clients. It needs to be well-presented and easy to navigate. It also needs to be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Not only because of the fact that more and more people now using their smartphones to browse the web, but because Google is said to be implementing mobile first indexing in search results across the board. This means if your website is not mobile ready, your SERP rankings for lucrative keywords could be penalized.

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2. Make sure your business is building a presence and reputation on the web‘s top social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. While Google is still the web’s biggest referrer of organic traffic to websites, social media networks are catching up. What’s more, on platforms like Twitter, you have an opportunity to interact with potential clients and answer their questions in the public domain. Try to increase the number of followers you have and start networking with influencers.

3. Many people think Instagram is just for recipes, makeup, and fashion, but it’s actually one of the hotness lead generators for businesses in every sector on the internet. As an interior designer, Instagram offers the perfect platform to showcase some of your best work with previous clients. Just make sure you upload high-quality photographs. Before and after photos can also be a great way to attract attention to your business and they have the possibility of going viral if they are exceptionally brilliant, or just mildly humorous in some way.

4. Consider hiring the services of a good SEO company. Once your website is fully optimized for converting leads into paying clients, its time to start driving as much targeted organic traffic to it as possible. One of the best sources of organic traffic is Google, so you need to start increasing your website’s SERP rankings for keywords related to interior design in London. A good SEO company can take care of increasing and maintaining your website’s SERP rankings for an affordable monthly fee.