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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London


19.04.2012 |

Community Games comes to central London!

Community Games vision and programme
The National vision is to have a Community Games event in every community every year that brings the local people together in a fun and friendly environment which encourages them to try new cultural and sporting activities that are available locally. Over time these volunteer run events become self sustaining and are one of the highlights in the annual calendar for celebrating local achievements and for signposting new participant to local opportunities.

The defining characteristics of a Community Games are:

  • They are driven and shaped by a community. This can be facilitated by a Local Authority or other organisation but the community must be instrumental in the development and delivery of the event
  • They feature a combination of sporting and cultural activities
  • They include some sort of ceremony, ideally an opening and/or closing ceremony 
  • Community Games should encompass the following values:
  1. Inclusive
  2. Cross-generational
  3. Accessible to all, and ideally free of charge for participants
  4. Reflecting the values of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  5. Involving young people, both as participants and as decision makers
  6. Reflecting diversity and internationalism
  7. Increase the aspiration of communities 

Community Games can be existing events and festivals whereby the model is adopted and integrated within these events, ensuring additional value is added.

As well as the key benefits to local communities and celebration of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, there will be other opportunities of being involved in the Community Games including:

  • Local grants to support events
  • Help with organising your chosen physical activity/sport (e.g. equipment, leaders)
  • Access to a range of free training
  • Community Games toolkit resource
  • Community Games branding and marketing materials

Are you interested in getting involved?

If you have any local community events taking place in 2012 or would like to be part of a new Community Games event please contact:

Interim project lead: Cathy Carr / 020 7815 7887

For more information visit: