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21.09.2007 |

REPs awareness campaign

The Register of Exercise Professionals is planning the next phase of its awareness campaign

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has been set up to help safeguard and to promote the health and interests of people who are using the services of exercise and fitness instructors, teachers and trainers. The Register uses a process of self-regulation that recognises industry-based qualifications, practical competency, and requires exercise professionals to work within a Code of Ethical Practice.

REPs is planning the next phase of its awareness campaign which will be put into action towards the end of this year and into early 2008.

Following the promotion of “Our REPutation is your guarantee” through more than 1,000 clubs and leisure centres, users of gyms are being encouraged to verify the qualifications and registration status of instructors by asking to see their REPs membership cards or by checking through the REPs website.

Currently, around 1,000 hits are made each day to check registration status and now REPs has recently introduced an advance search facility. Visitors to the exercise register website can now search for members by name, qualifications and location and soon the Register will start to list clubs and locations where members work.

A continued media relations campaign has established the Register as one of the first ports of call for journalists with enquiries about those working in the fitness industry and the message that the REPs’ REPutation is the public’s guarantee of quality, is being increasingly heard.

To find out more about REPs, please click here.