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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London


20.11.2008 |

Apprenticeships initiative gathering pace in central London

PRO-ACTIVE Central London held a recent surgery morning and brokerage event in partnership with SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, to support the development of Apprenticeships in Sport and Active Leisure in central London. Representatives from more than 25 different organisations benefited from focused support and guidance over the two events, which in combination gave a positive indication that there is gathering interest in the significant investment in Apprenticeships within sport and leisure.

The first event was an opportunity for representatives to see how their organisation could take advantage of the current investment, for example in terms of putting existing staff on an Apprenticeship programme, or recruiting young people as Apprentices. Organisations came away with a clear focus on how they could be involved.

The second event brought together potential employers, referral agencies and deliverers, with organisations given a refresher session to understand fully how Apprenticeships worked, before being provided with a pitch and opportunity to express what they had to offer. With a range of organisations present – from providers such as Chartstage, YMCAFit and London Leisure College, to School Sports Partnerships, Local Authorities, leisure contractors, voluntary sector organisations and sports clubs – it is hoped that exciting Apprenticeship opportunities in central London will continue to be created. One attendee said, ‘I gained a really good understanding of how Apprenticeships worked, and it triggered further ideas as to how I can take this forward’.

PRO-ACTIVE Central London also intends to take on an Apprentice in Sports Development. For further information, see the newsletter item ‘New roles at PRO-ACTIVE Central London’. For further information on how your organisation can be involved with Apprenticeships, please contact Xander Beck at or on 020 7815 7887.