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The Sport and Physical Activity Partnership for London

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Safeguarding & Child Protection


London Sport is committed to ensuring that all children and young people enjoy sport and physical activity opportunities to a high standard and in a safe environment.

Central London has a strategic role with an emphasis on facilitating, enabling and supporting local partners to provide opportunities, rather than providing direct delivery. In the context of child protection, we have a role in the following areas and which are reflected in our policy:

  • Influencing and advocating at a strategic level
  • Ensuring that its recruitment procedures are in line with the latest best practice
  • The promotion of good practice (minimum safeguarding standards) at an operational level
  • Provision of advice, signposting and support for partner organisations
  • Ensuring the sub-contracting of any activities are protected through clear guidelines on safeguarding children and young people within a signed agreement

Reporting concerns and incidents

If you have a concern or want to report an incident related to child welfare, you can contact the relevant Police station or Social Services Department by accessing the documents to the right.

London Sport is committed to working towards achievement of the National Standards for Safeguarding & Protecting Children; a benchmark of good practice for sports organisations. Having achieved the Preliminary and Intermediate levels, London Sport is currently working towards the Advanced standard.

If you have any comments or queries about safeguarding and child protection and the content that can be found on this site, please contact Peter Meldrum at or by phone  on 020 7815 7844.

About this section of the website

This Child Protection section of the website is intended to be a useful source of information and resources on Child Protection. We encourage our delivery partners to utilize and copy any sections of this area in order to benefit those delivering and participating in sport and physical activity in Central London. To assist this, we have developed a 'Safeguarding toolkit' which is available to download on the right-hand side of the screen. In addition to the toolkit, further resources can be found within the 'links and resources' section.

If you would like any of our plans and policies in large print or alternative formats please contact us.