Space Saving Furniture For Your Home

Decor is not just some fancy rug or colorful lights.  Decor is an expression of who you are, or what you are into.  People say clothes are the way others express themselves, but how you decorate your house or apartment can be too.  Who wants to be in a plain room?  No one.  Imagine your doctor’s office as a kid.  Now, what if the office didn’t have any color or any decorations.  Would you think it is a prison, and never want to go even worse.  I believe decor brightens up the room and ultimately can make you happier.  Another example, the dorm rooms.  We all had to go through the dorm life, and some of us cannot wait to be out.  The dorms are white walls and a bulletin board.  But, adding your own tapestry and pictures can make you feel a little more at home.  I know I was so homesick, but having certain decorations helped me feel a little more at home.   Have you seen a sad monotone person in a room with flamboyant colors and décor?  The probability is no.


Décor can make you happier as well.  There are certain colors that psychological trigger a certain emotion.  The colors red and yellow both are triggers for excitement and laughter, but put together they trigger hunger.  The color blue can signal calmness and serenity.  Although they can make you happy in a discrete way, you can also be happy showing off your wealth.  I know growing up we had a lot of decorations, but nothing too fancy.  If you are wealthy you like more expensive paintings and glass.  So, by the décor in one’s house, you can determine their wealth in a way.  The wealthiest people have paintings worth millions, and rugs worth more.  Décor is not just a thing, it is an expression of what we like, and what makes us happy.