Decorating My Home For Mental Health

white home decor

Décor is one of the most exciting and mentally important parts of college, in my opinion. Both of the times I moved into college, I was so excited to move in just so I could decorate my room. I constantly find myself redecorating my room just to keep it new and exciting. I also believe that décor plays a strong role in mental health. I have found that by filling your room with things that make you happy, your mental health will be much stronger. College is stressful enough on its own, so having happy things surrounding you is an important and easy way to keep your mental health up. I simply printed out pictures and hung them up around my room, and I always find myself looking at them and laughing at the story behind them. Anytime I am stressed or upset, I just look around my room and reminisce on the memories with my friends, and it helps me to feel better.

How Interior Design Impacts Mood

However, you have to be careful to not over-decorate your room. Having an overly decorated room can make you feel overwhelmed, and can result in additional stress. When I first moved into college, I brought more decorations than I had room for, so when I put them all up, there was no empty space on my walls, and it was just too overwhelming, so I had to take some decorations down. One of my favorite things to do is decorate my living room for each season and holiday. In the fall, my roommates and I bought strings of leaves to hang around our windows, and a fall vase to fill with a bouquet of orange flowers and leaves. For Halloween, we decorated with paper skeletons, pumpkins, and ghosts. For Christmas, we replaced the leaves around the windows with snowflakes, and the fallen vase with snowmen, and a Christmas tree. Overall, décor is important because it can help to improve mental health, and also keeps my room new and exciting. Dorm rooms tend to be very bland and plain, but with the décor I have, my mental health is great and my room is exciting!

Home decor matters because it is what gives anything character. Every time that I have moved into a new place, the first thing I do is decorate so I know where to place my furniture. Before my grandmother passed away, that is how we spent our time, decorating. She even let me paint one of her extra bedrooms and decorate the entire thing. She always told me that without the decor, you don’t have a room, it is only wasted space. Now every time my friends move, they ask me to help them decorate and it has become an art to me. Decor brings the warm, cozy, homey feeling. Without blank walls and floors, I don’t feel at home.